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Material Futures : Matter, Memory and Loss in Contemporary Art Production and Preservation 28th – 30th June 2017, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, UK


Material Futures : Matter, Memory and Loss in Contemporary Art Production and Preservation

Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, UK, 28th – 30th June 2017

Resume :

Contemporary artistic practices have prompted a reconsideration of boundaries between the roles of artists and institutional staff, and between processes of art production, exhibition, and preservation. This two-day conference will provide a forum for professionals, researchers, and students working across different disciplines to discuss urgent questions regarding artwork identity, permanence and impermanence, reproducibility and replication, and the role of the artist and the institution in constructing and maintaining memory. It will explore these questions and other areas where artistic practice, curatorial practice, and conservation decision-making intersect through themes of materiality, memory and loss.

Registration :

Numbers for the conference are limited and early registration is advised. Register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Online booking is available at

Conference fee: 150 £  ; Concessions : 50 £

Administration: Dr. Leila Riszko (

The conference is supported by the Innovative Training Network New Approaches in the Conservation of Contemporary Art (NACCA), which receives funding from the European Unions Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skodowska-Curie grant agreement no. 642892.

Keynote speakers :

Karla Black (artist) ; Tiziana Caianiello (Zero Foundation) ; Anne Fletcher (van Abbemuseum)

List of Papers :

Lucy Askew (NGS) with contributions from collections management staff at NGS and Glasgow Museums: Steven Campbell (1953-2007), On Form and Fiction, 1989-90

Simon Fleury (Birmingham School of Art & Design): Encountering the MuseumObject

Nim Goede (University of Amsterdam): Robert Morris’s Material Metaphor for Memory: Lead as a model for the Brain

Hans-J?rgen Hafner (critic and curator): Always Trouble with Flynt. Tracing Conceptual Art

Claire M. Holdsworth (Kingston School of Art): Vocal and Material Mourning: Stuart Marshall, Mouth Works (1975/76)

Ulrich Lang (Die Restauratoren): The Fortune of the Presence

Louise Lawson & Acatia Finbow (Tate): Reflections on Tate’s Documentation of Performance Artworks: Creating the Institutional Memory of an Artwork

Laura Leuzzi, Elaine Shemilt & Stephen Partridge (EWVA, DJCAD): Methodologies, Strategies and Practice Based Research Methods to uncover and narrate early European Women’s Video Art

Adam Lockhart (DJCAD): Machine Vision

Helia Marçal (Faculdade de Ciencias e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa): Beyond Temporality: Performance Art Conservation as a Remembrance of Place

Jo Ana Morfin (Independent Scholar): Restored Behaviour: Performing Materiality

Ariane Noel de Tilly (Emily Carr University of Art & Design): What Remains of ATSA’s State of Emergency

Alison Norton (Moderna Museet): Migrating Facsimiles: Copies and Conservation Control

Denise Petzold (Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst): (Im)Materiality in the Museum: Shaping Joseph Beuys?s Information Action through Curating Documentation

Gwynne Ryan (Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden): Refabricating, Re-Making, and Re-Thinking: A Continuation of the Artist’s Process

Anna Schäffler (Free University Berlin): Memory Process in Practice. On the Ensemble Art of Anna Oppermann and Contemporary Art Preservation

Martha C. Singer & Kate Wight Tyler (Owner/Director, Material Whisperer; Brooklyn Museum): Boob Jobs: Treatments of Duchamp and Donati’s Latex Foam Breasts

Sanneke Stigter (University of Amsterdam): Picturing Peter Struycken’s Blue Waves: Collecting Memories as a Form of Conservation

Yukiko Watari (HIGURE 17- 15 cas): The Expanding Role of Art Installers: Distributed Model for Documentation Practice





IIC / INCCA Congress, Saving the now – cross boundaries to conserve contemporary works, Los Angeles,12-16 septembre 2016

Saving the Now : Crossing Boundaries to Conserve Contemporary Works
IIC (International institute for conservation of historic and artistic works) & INCCA (International network for the conservaiton of contemporary art)
Los Angeles, 12–16 September 2016, Millennium Biltmore Hotel


Chris Burden Urban Light, 2008 (Two-hundred and two) restored cast iron antique street lamps 320 1/2 x 686 1/2 x 704 1/2 in. (814.07 x 1743.71 x 1789.43 cm) Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Gordon Family Foundation’s gift to “Transformation: The LACMA Campaign” (M.2007.147.1-.202) © Chris Burden
In collaboration with the International Network for the Conservation of Contemporary Art (INCCA)

Join IIC and INCCA members from around the world as we collaborate to explore the conservation of contemporary culture. Conservation of contemporary works of art presents a range of practical, theoretical and, indeed, philosophical challenges – it’s always new, always different, always stimulating. Those working in the conservation profession must approach these artworks in a different way, perhaps from the point of view of mechanical engineers or anthropologists or manufacturers of plastics, or …

Register here.

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ICOM-CC, INCCA, GCI, Museo ‘900, Keep it moving ? Conserving kinetic art, Milan 30 juin – 2 juillet 2016

Two-day conference on kinetic art and its preservation
Davide Boriani, Ambiente Stroboscopico, nº 4, 1967, Photo : Luca Carrà (2005)
Davide Boriani, Ambiente Stroboscopico, nº 4, 1967, Photo : Luca Carrà (2005

The Getty Conservation Institute, the Museo del Novecento and the Modern Materials and Contemporary Art (MMCA) working group of ICOM-CC, in partnership with INCCA are pleased to announce the conference Keep it Moving? Conserving kinetic art. Hosted at the Palazzo Reale by Museo Del Novecento, Milan, Italy.

This two-day conference will look back at the history of kinetic art and its preservation, take into consideration the artists’ point of view, and discuss the ethical dilemma and practical challenges of conserving and documenting kinetic works. It will include invited keynotes and paper submissions. The conference will serve as the interim meeting of MMCA and is also organized in partnership with the Museo del Novecento, the Getty Conservation Institute, and INCCA. It will take place at the Palazzo Reale in conjunction with the general ICOM CC meeting. A visit of the rich collection of kinetic works in the Museo del Novecento will be included; other cultural tours will also be offered. Continuer la lecture de ICOM-CC, INCCA, GCI, Museo ‘900, Keep it moving ? Conserving kinetic art, Milan 30 juin – 2 juillet 2016

Collecting and Conserving Performance Art, Wolfsburg, 9-11 juin 2016

Thursday, June 9, 2016 – 09:00 to Saturday, June 11, 2016 – 17:00 Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg in Germany
Gerard & Kelly, Timeling, 2014, Performance, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, Photo: Courtesy of the artists

The German Association of Conservator-Restorers (VDR) is delighted to announce the major international symposium Collecting and Conserving Performance Art, to be hosted by the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg in Germany on June 9—11, 2016.

Over the last decade, art collections and museums around the world have seen a rapid increase in the acquisition of historic and contemporary performance art and its relics. This emerging collection practice challenges artists and collection caretakers alike : How can the time- and site-specific experience of an artist’s live performance be expanded and transformed into an artwork with a sustainable collection life? What status do performance props and documentary materials hold within a collection, and how is their status determined? How can the artwork’s identity and integrity be preserved and experienced now and in the future? What information and components should be entering the collection to ensure the authentic reactivation of the work? How are copyright laws, artist’s rights and future interpreter’s rights accounted for in the acquisition contract? What are the vulnerabilities inherent to a performance artwork? And how are preservation risks identified, documented and responded to?

Continuer la lecture de Collecting and Conserving Performance Art, Wolfsburg, 9-11 juin 2016